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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In a lighter mood

Meet Salmonella and pseudomonas. What could they be doing now, let's take a look.
Salmonella: Hi pseudye you'll never guess where I was today.
Pseudomonas: where
Salmonella: Did you know I actually dined with queen elizabeth in intestinalis.
Pseudomonas: Hmm that's not true you're just talking.
Salmonella: Yes I did.How would you know when you're always in the surgeon's hand.
Pseudomonas: At least I'm doing a service to humanity
Salmonella: Service to humanity my big foot what greater service is better than bringing the common man's problems to the noble queen.
Pseudomonas: Aaah blowing your trumpet, you'll be well taken care of when staphylococcus comes here.
Salmonella: Can't you stand on your own feet, staph can't even stand on his own. When penicillin gets here he'll run for cover and you know what, I'll still be standing.


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