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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Alternate meal for heart disease

Whenever we include fiber in our meal usually it's for the gut (to flush out waste) but according to WebMD fiber helps fight a variety of other diseases which include diabetes and heart disease. Now you may think, I have to eat a full plate or have so many servings of vegetables but that's not necessary. All your body needs is about 20- 35grams of fiber everyday.
According to Martin O. Weickert, MD, of the German Institute of Human Nutrition in Nuthetal, German people who eat a lot of cereal fibers, such as bran, are less likely to get diabetes.
His research team studied 17 overweight or obese women. For three days, three times a day, the women ate some white bread. Half the women got plain white bread. The other half got bread spiked with 10.4 grams of oat fiber.
Over time, the bodies of overweight people become less and less sensitive to insulin, the hormone that controls blood sugar levels. This lack of sensitivity results in diabetes in some people. Weickert and colleagues found that the women who ate the oat fiber over the short three-day time period became significantly more sensitive to insulin.
What's going on? Cereal fiber is also called insoluble fiber. It can't be digested, but it does give bulk to the stool. That's good in and of itself. But Weickert suggests that increased insoluble fiber leads to more fermentation at the lower end of the bowels. This might set off a chain reaction that changes the way their body responds to insulin.


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