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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

6 ways to make your pregnancy healthier

A number of factors determine whether pregnancy will be healthy or not although, they are not 100% sure to guarantee healthy pregnancies, they include:

Draw up a reproductive life plan. Each woman, man, and couple should make a reproductive life plan that includes whether and when they want to have children and how they will maintain their reproductive health.

Make a preventive medical visit. These visits should be part of primary care; that is, not just for people planning pregnancies. Topics could include birth defects risk, chronic diseases, genetic conditions, family medical history, alcohol and tobacco use, family planning, mental health, and social concerns (including social support, domestic violence, and housing).

Work to lower identified risks. For instance, one may need to give up smoking,alcohol usage.

Check health between pregnancies. Postpartum medical visits offer a chance to discuss ways to make future pregnancies healthier.

Get a preprogrammed checkup.

Monitor your improvements. Use public health tools and related research to monitor your preconception health.

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