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Friday, January 27, 2006


I have a headache that's quite common nowadays and we take tylenol/paracetamol/aspirin as the case may be but would the option of rest be inviting to you.
There are a number of reasons why headaches are quite common
1]Little or no rest
2]Poor diet
3]Watching video/working on a computer for a very long time.
4]Abuse of painkillers
1]Little or no rest is acommon factor of our everyday lives basically every average adult requires 4-5hrs of sleep but many don't get enough sleep.
2] Poor diet: Nowadays, the diet of many people consists mainly of fats and carbohydrates both of which only benefit the body by increasing body fat and providing body heat without replacing already-used vitamins. Poor diets such as this can also cause headaches.
3]Watching video or working on the computer for extended periods affects the eyes and this can transmit to other nerves within the brain causing intense headaches.
4]Abuse of painkillers:The body gets used to the drugs and this may prevent the painkillers from having optimal effect; with continued use of the painkillers, they may no longer be effective.

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